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Recycling Drop off Sites

Locations of Drop off Sites

The county has 7 locations for you to drop off your recycling . Find the site that is most convenient for you from the list below.

  • San Pierre           Across from Fire Station      
  • North Judson       Between Lane Street and Fire Station
  • Knox                   Behind Mayors office  Pearl & Mound St.
  • Hamlet                Water Tower
  • Bass Lake           Bass Lake Community Bldg (old firestation)
  • Grovertown           Corner of US 30 & SR 23 at Ambulance Base
  • Koontz Lake         Fire Station

What can I recycle ?

You will be surprised at how much of your trash you can recycle. Just prepare the items correctly, put them in a container and drop them in the bin. There is no need to separate the different types of materials as we have co mingle boxes.



Cardboard                                                                                         We ask that you flat fold your boxes before throwing them in the bins and that if boxes are larger than 3'x3'  than that please cut them down.

Paper & Mail                                                                                     You can recycle all of your paper.  White paper, colored paper, mail - even envelopes with windows in them, magazines, newspapers , slicks (shiney magazines) notepaper, sticky notes,and homework. 

Glass                                                                                            Clear, brown and white bottles - No broken glass or window glass.

Plastic.                                                                                We accept plastics 1 - 6.  This means that inside the recycle symbol of your item there is a number, as long as this number is 1 - 6 you can recycle it,   You do not need to remove the labels or plastic rings from the bottles but if there is residue, like from milk, please rinse out

PLEASE DO NOT                                                                    *  Leave items outside of bin                                                        *  Throw things in the bin that are not recycleable,such as food      *  Carpet, toys, and furniture are not recyclable - do not leave it at the site.  Look at donating these items.                                        * Tires, televisions and hazardous waste are not accepted at the site they are only accepted at special events. Please call the office in reference to these items.