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Decoration made from reused oil barrel

Who are we

The Starke County Environmental Management District is a local governmental agency that was formed in 1991 .  Each county in the state of Indiana is represented by a Solid Waste District, and these districts are charged with waste reduction within their county, and ultimately statewide.  

The Starke County Environmental District manages waste in a number of ways.  There are programs in place for

  • Recycling
  • Special Item Disposal
  • Hazardous Waste Disposal


The Starke County Environmental District is funded through a user fee assessed on each residence, business, and industry in the county. Other Districts are funded through tipping fees paid at landfills or through the county taxing option. The user fee option is the most consistent method for the residents of Starke County.

Annual Assessment

The Starke County Environmental Management District is funded solely by the annual assessment. The Districts uses these funds to manage the recycling drop off sites, provide the county with the annual Environment Day, disposal of in office recycling, special recycling events, and education.

The annual assessment is billed on each residence, business and industry in the county. Currently the assessment is $20 per residential unit and $70 for industries.

This assessment is billed in arrears. This means that the billing that came out in 2012 is due and payable by the owner of the unit as of May 1, 2011. Even if a unit is sold the owner as of May 1 of the assessed year is responsible for payment. Unpaid assessments are dealt with in a timely manner.