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Here is a list of how to dispose of many of those things that we have a hard time finding a new home for.

Before throwing something in the garbage - check here.

Hardback Books

There are not a lot of options for recycling hard back books. We suggest that you don't them.  Charities such as the Salvation Army and Goodwill are happy to take them.  Another option is to donate them to a local library,. if they cant use them they often have booksales they can sell them in to earn money for the library

  • Books with a softcover can be put in the recycling bins

Construction and Demolition Debris

  • Alligator Aggregate (asphalt and clean concrete), 11707 Pear Road, Plymouth, 936-3692
  • Pyramid Excavation (asphalt and clean concrete), 2991 Fir Road, Bremen, 546-5176
    VIM (vinyl siding, dry wall, wood – no paint or treated), Goshen, (574) 642-3677
    Christmas in April (new gently used building materials), contact Tony Lenne at 936-4061
    Habitat for Humanity (new & gently used building materials), contact Melissa Christiansen at 936-9872 ext. 4


  • JSI (574) 946-4664 - located north of Winamac
  • Coffins Salvage (574) 867-6808
  • To donate your car call the Kidney Foundation 1-800-382-9971

Eye Glasses and Hearing Aides

  • The Lions Club has a collection box in the Annex Building in Knox
  • Contact your local Eye Dr. or Optometrist

Scrap Metal

  • JSI (574)946-4664 - located north of Winamac
  • Coffins Salvage (574) 867-6808

Medical Waste

  • Premier Medical Waste Services 1591 W 250 S Albion, IN 46701 (219) 636-6800
  • Kimedic in Elkhart 1-800-634-4626
  • Stericycle 1-800 Med-Waste
  • Medications are accepted at the Starke County Sheriffs Dept and at the annual Environmental Event

Furniture and Bedding

  • The best way to get rid of furniture (assuming it has some service life remaining) is through organizations such as the Salvation Army, and Goodwill Industries,who can resale it in their stores, or provide it to those in need. Garage sales and “for sale” ads attract bargain hunters. To contribute your usable furniture free to a needy household, try contacting a community church or social-service agency. Or post a notice at a nearby college, students have little money for furniture and a constant need.
  • If the furniture is beyond repair and totally unusable, the ultimate disposal is burial in a landfill. Upholstered furniture (the most common) is composed of cloth, wire, wood, metal, and stuffing of either natural fiber or plastic. Furniture can be buried with minimal environmental risk and without occupying too much space. The bulldozers that push, crush, and compact wastes are very effective at reducing bulk.

Household Items

  • Many local organizations and charities accept usable clothing, furniture, televisions, appliances, and other household items. Consider donating good usable items for reuse.

Wood Pallets

  • North Central Pallets, 13990 State Road 10, Argos, 892-6142 (also accepts other clean wood debris and industrial wood scrap)
    N.J. Pallet, 1145 Markley Drive, Plymouth, 936-1438
  • Pallet Recycle, (800) 448-2883

Food Items

  • Starke County Food Pantry located at Starke County Community Services 311 E Culver Rd Knox 72-7070 - Canned, boxed and dry goods that are within the "best use" date

Cooking Fats & Oils

  • National Bi-Products - 12091 Plymouth Goshen Trail Plymouth (574) 936-2144
  • IPC - Terre Haute 1-800-258-2191

Plastic Grocery Bags

  • Many stores like Wal Mart accept them back at the store.

Packing Peanuts

  • "Peanut Pipeline" 1-800-828-2214.  They will be able to tell you what local agencies will accept packing peanuts for reuse

Greeting Cards

  • St. Judes Ranch for Children - 100 St Jude St Boulder City NV 89005 - Cut the front off the cards and send them to St. Judes. This is a wonderful program


  • MRC Polymers - Mail CD's, cases , & plastic trays they come in to MRS Plymers c/o DADC 300 N Fruitridge Ave Terre Haute IN 46803 (812) 462-8100

Video Tapes

  • Eco Media Recycling Center 1-800-359-4601